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Press Coverage on decapitation in Tanystropheus 

Our research describing the first case of decapitation in a long-necked marine reptile garnered widespread international media attention. Here are links to some of the online articles.

SMNS (museum press release), The New York TimesBBC, Süddeutsche Zeitung (in German)NRC Handelsblad (in Dutch)

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National Geographic

6 July 2023

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Radioeins (includes radio interview in German)

1 July 2023

NHM Nature Live Talk on Triassic Marine Reptiles

As part of the Nature Live series of the Natural History Museum London, I presented a public talk on the marine reptiles of the Triassic, which represent the no-less fascinating predecessors of the famous Jurassic ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs on display in the museum's halls.

In this podcast accompanying our publication in the Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, I talked with Editor-in-Chief Dr. Henk Kombrink about the enigmatic sauropterygian jaw we studied, as well as more generally about the fossil locality of Winterswijk and marine faunas of the Middle Triassic.

The Paper Trail Podcast

Press Coverage on Pendraig milnerae

Our study introducing Pendraig milnerae, the oldest theropod (meat-eating) dinosaur from the UK, garnered widespread media attention. Here are links to some of the online articles.

NHM (museum press release)The GuardianThe SunThe Daily MailNBC News

BBC article image.PNG

BBC News (includes video and audio interviews)

6 October 2021

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ITV News (includes video interview)

6 October 2021

Tate Conference Invited Online Talk

I was invited to give an online talk during the Marine Reptile conference of the Tate Geological Museum in Casper, Wyoming. This talk covers some aspects of my PhD research, focusing on our discovery of the new species Tanystropheus hydroides and the skull morphology and lifestyle of this wonderfully ridiculous reptile.

The Science Breaker Article on Tanystropheus

I was invited by the Science Breaker to provide some more background (in layman's terms) on our research describing the (functional) morphology of the long-necked Tanystropheus and the occurrence of niche partitioning in this genus.

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Press Coverage on Tanystropheus 

Our research on Tanystropheus garnered widespread international media attention. Here are links to some of the online articles.

UZH (university press release)CNN, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, BBC, Tages Anzeiger (in German), Die Welt (in German), IFL Science


The New York Times

12 August 2020

Live Science combined.png

Live Science

6 August 2020

Commentary on vivipary in Dinocephalosaurus paper (in Dutch)

Liu et al. 2017 described a specimen of the marine archosauromorph Dinocephalosaurus orientalis that preserves embryonic remains. This provides the first example of vivipary (live-birth) in Archosauromorpha, the reptile clade including dinosaurs (including birds) and crocodylians, all of which are exclusively known to be oviparous (egg-laying). I was asked to comment on this paper by the Dutch public news (NPO).

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